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AI Tagger
2 months ago by Luca Grippa
Simplify tagging. Instantly analyze and tag your document with one click for efficient note organization. OpenAI API key required.
a month ago by Sparky4567
Integrate local machine learning (OLLAMA) functionality into your notes, enhancing their capabilities.
Apple Books - Import Highlights
2 months ago by bandantonio
Import your Apple Books highlights and notes to Obsidian.
2 months ago by BookFusion
Import your BookFusion highlights & annotations into your vault.
a year ago by rizerphe
A github copilot-like interface for obsidian that can use ChatGPT under the hood.
Gamificate your PKM
4 months ago by Andreas Trebing
Enhance your Personal Knowledge Management with gamification elements. Boost motivation and achieve growth as you engage with your PKM.
Gene 🧬
a year ago by Matiss Jurevics
A plugin for generating text using the OpenAI API.
6 months ago by Aurélien Stébé
Gladdis (Generative Language Artificial Dedicated & Diligent Intelligence System) - it's an AI chatbot.
a year ago by Debanjum Singh Solanky
Natural, Incremental Search for your Second Brain 🦅
2 months ago by Morino Pan
Work as a personal assistant for translation, writing polish, general Q&A, summarizing, using the power of large language models.
Strapi Exporter AI
7 days ago by Cinquin Andy
Effortlessly export your notes to Strapi CMS with AI-powered handling and SEO optimization.
Text Dataset Aid Plugin
a year ago by Conner Ohnesorge
This plugin for obsidian aids in the creation of fine-tuning datasets for language models.
Text Generator
2 years ago by Noureddine Haouari
Text generator is a handy plugin that helps you generate text content using GPT-3 (OpenAI).
Onyx Boox Annotation & Highlight Extractor
2 years ago by Akos Balasko
This plugin extracts annotations and highlights files exported from Onyx Boox tablets, and converts them to reference, literature and permanent notes fitting to the Zettelkasten method.
Pieces for Developers
10 months ago by Pieces For Developers
Streamline your coding workflow in Obsidian with the Pieces For Developers plugin, offering powerful features for capturing, managing, translating, and enhancing code snippets. (Closed Source)
Silicon AI
10 months ago by deepfates
Add some intelligence to your notes with Silicon AI
Simple Note Review
2 years ago by dartungar
Simple, customizable plugin for easy note review, resurfacing & repetition.
Smart Second Brain
2 months ago by Leo310, nicobrauchtgit
Interact with your privacy focused assistant by leveraging Ollama or OpenAI and making your second brain even smarter.
8 months ago by Liam Riddell
Your Math Maestro! Real-time calculations without AI (e.g. ChatGPT) fuss. From date magic ('Now + 20 days') to arithmetic flair ('10 + 5 / (2 * 2)'), your trusted sidekick in every note. More brilliance on the way!
Tag Page
7 months ago by Matthew Sumpter
Dynamically generate and update tag-specific pages, offering a consolidated view of each tag's references across your vault.