🔗 Gladdis
Gladdis (Generative Language Artificial Dedicated & Diligent Intelligence System) - it's an AI chatbot.
by Aurélien Stébé
Latest Version
2 months ago

0.5.1 (2024-04-03)

Bug Fixes

  • add icons to the Commands and new logo (686499c)
  • add PDF parsing & improve the Web Browsing on Desktop (561626f)
  • improve the empty Web Browsing results handling (6e1ab98)
  • improve the Error Modal formating with empty errors (ed39133)
  • refactor all error messages outputs into 3 functions (13dd0b3)
  • run the "parseLinks" utils in parallel with "Promise.all" (4f851a7)
  • scanner's MD file detector and error type (89d348b)
  • WikiLinks scanner with MD filenames with a dot in it (95b67b9)
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