🔗 Khoj
Natural, Incremental Search for your Second Brain 🦅
by Debanjum Singh Solanky
Latest Version
13 days ago

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⚒️ Fix

  • Prevent XSS via Prompt Injection by enforcing CSP & sanitizing AI generated chat responses by @debanjum in b757ba664f7dc69b174e8e94deaa0e79414e2c46, 9f80c2ab76005dd7e51a7886007d09537f6c2483
  • Open external links in an external browser from the Khoj desktop app in 7b18919564a420ed578dded0dd5ac85891d66ad5

Full Changelog: https://github.com/khoj-ai/khoj/compare/1.12.1…1.13.0

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AI Tagger
4 months ago by Luca Grippa
Simplify tagging. Instantly analyze and tag your document with one click for efficient note organization. OpenAI API key required.
3 months ago by Sparky4567
Integrate local machine learning (OLLAMA) functionality into your notes, enhancing their capabilities.
a year ago by A-F-V
Supercharge your note-taking through AI-powered insights and suggestions.
Obsidian-compatible Watcher for ActivityWatch
a year ago by Grimmauld
This is a plugin bridging compatibility between ActivityWatch and Obsidian to allow detailed tracking od time spent in Obsidian.
4 months ago by BookFusion
Import your BookFusion highlights & annotations into your vault.
a year ago by rizerphe
A github copilot-like interface for obsidian that can use ChatGPT under the hood.
a year ago by Logan Yang
A ChatGPT Copilot in Obsidian.
Gene 🧬
a year ago by Matiss Jurevics
A plugin for generating text using the OpenAI API.
Github Copilot
a month ago by Vasseur Pierre-Adrien
Implement suggestions from Github Copilot directly in your editor.
7 months ago by Aurélien Stébé
Gladdis (Generative Language Artificial Dedicated & Diligent Intelligence System) - it's an AI chatbot.
a year ago by ittuann
Experience OpenAI ChatGPT assistance directly within Obsidian, drafting content without interrupting your creative flow.
Grind Manager
2 months ago by dromse
Task management with rewards system.
Line Commands
3 months ago by charliecm
Adds commands to quickly select, copy, cut, and paste lines under the selection or cursor.
4 months ago by Morino Pan
Work as a personal assistant for translation, writing polish, general Q&A, summarizing, using the power of large language models.
Strapi Exporter AI
2 months ago by Cinquin Andy
Effortlessly export your notes to Strapi CMS with AI-powered handling and SEO optimization.
2 years ago by JeppeKlitgaard
Yet Another Anki Bridge. Focuses on a strict grammar and integrity of your data
Text Generator
2 years ago by Noureddine Haouari
Text generator is a handy plugin that helps you generate text content using GPT-3 (OpenAI).
Tidy Footnotes
2 years ago by Charlie Chao
Tidy your footnotes seamlessly.
2 years ago by Charlie Chao
Open upcoming daily notes in their own panes.
Pieces for Developers
a year ago by Pieces For Developers
Streamline your coding workflow in Obsidian with the Pieces For Developers plugin, offering powerful features for capturing, managing, translating, and enhancing code snippets. (Closed Source)
Quiz Generator
4 months ago by Edward Cui
Generate interactive quizzes from your notes using OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models.
Reference Map
a year ago by Anoop K. Chandran
Reference and citation map for literature review and discovery.
Silicon AI
a year ago by deepfates
Add some intelligence to your notes with Silicon AI
Simple Prompt
6 days ago by David Zachariae
Simple interface to generate or rewrite content using LLMs based on user input.
Smart Connections
a year ago by Brian Petro
Find links to similar notes using artificial intelligence from OpenAI.
Smart Connections Visualizer
4 days ago by Evan Moscoso
View your Smart Connections in a visualized format.
Smart Second Brain
4 months ago by Leo310, nicobrauchtgit
Interact with your privacy focused assistant by leveraging Ollama or OpenAI and making your second brain even smarter.
a year ago by Nik Danilov
Hands-Free Note-Taking for Obsidian with Whisper
4 months ago by ckt1031
Writing companion for AI content generation.