🔗 Mkdocs Publisher
Obsidian's Mkdocs Publisher is an association between a github actions and a Material mkdocs template to get a personal wiki site based on your Obsidian Vault.
by Mara-Li
Latest Version
7 days ago


All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. See commit-and-tag-version for commit guidelines.

5.5.1 (2023-03-20)

Bug Fixes

  • no value in customCommitMsg (376c26e)
💡 Similar Plugins
• Similar plugins are suggested based on the common tags between the plugins.
Markdown prettifier
a year ago by pelao
Fix and reformats ugly Markdown.
Extract Highlights
a year ago by Alexis Rondeau
Allows to extracts all ==highlights== in a note into your clipboard
a year ago by Alex Colucci
Anki integration.
Extract url content
a year ago by Stephen Solka
Extract url converting content into markdown
a year ago by Emile van Krieken
Adds a completely interactive, stylable and expandable graph view to Obsidian.
Ozan's Image in Editor Plugin
a year ago by Ozan Tellioglu
View Images, Transclusions, iFrames and PDF Files within the Editor without a necessity to switch to Preview.
a year ago by Chetachi
An Obsidian.md plugin that adds a minimal text editor modal for a smoother writing/editing experience ✍🏽.
Daily Named Folder
a year ago by Nemo Andrea
Like daily notes, but nested in a daily folder with a oneline summary. Better for attachment management & glanceability.
Better File Link
a year ago by Marc Julian Schwarz
A plugin to add better external file links to notes.
Obsidian Task Archiver
a year ago by ivan-lednev
Move completed tasks to an archive with a date tree
OzanShare Publish
a year ago by Ozan Tellioglu
Publish your markdown notes with a single click from your vault. (Closed Source)
Quote of the Day
a year ago by Florin Bobis
Inserts random quotes in the editor
Language Translator
a year ago by Florin Bobis
An Obsidian plugin to translate selected text in the desired language.
Smarter Markdown Hotkeys
a year ago by pseudometa
Hotkeys that select words and lines in a smart way before applying markup. Multiple cursors are supported as well.
Excel to Markdown Table
a year ago by Ganessh Kumar R P
An Obsidian plugin to paste data from Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers and LibreOffice Calc as Markdown tables in Obsidian editor.
Markdown Table Editor
a year ago by Ganessh Kumar R P
An Obsidian plugin to provide an editor for Markdown tables. It can open CSV, Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets data as Markdown tables from Obsidian Markdown editor.
Share as Gist
9 months ago by timrogers
Shares an Obsidian note as a GitHub.com gist
Hard Breaks
8 months ago by Börge Kiss
Turn soft line breaks in Markdown into hard line breaks
Note Synchronizer
5 months ago by Songchen Tan
This is a plugin for synchornizing Obsidian notes to other note-based softwares like Anki, following more strictly the principles of Zettelkasten and treating each Obsidian file as a note.
Obsidian markdown export
3 months ago by bingryan
This is a markdown export plugin for Obsidian.
Obsidian Mindmap Nextgen
3 months ago by VeroCloud Pty Ltd (original by James Lynch)
A plugin to preview notes as Markmap mind maps
Webpage HTML Export
3 months ago by Nathan George
Exports an obsidian document, folder, or vault as an HTML document / webpage / website with correct styling. Also has an interactive embedded dark / light theme toggle, and document outline.
Code Emitter
2 months ago by YISH
An obsidian plugin that allows code blocks executed interactively in sandbox like jupyter notebooks. Supported language rust、kotlin、python、Javascript、TypeScript etc.
2 months ago by Debanjum Singh Solanky
Natural, Incremental Search for your Second Brain 🦅
Advanced Slides
a month ago by MSzturc
Create markdown-based presentations in Obsidian
Custom Classes
a month ago by Lila Rest
Add your own HTML classes to chosen Markdown elements directly from your notes.