๐Ÿ”— Chat View
Chat View lets you quickly and easily create elegant Chat UIs in your Markdown Files.
by Aditya Majethia
Latest Version
2 months ago

This is the release of Version 1.6.0 of Obsidian Chat View. Arguably a major update, this version brings with it 3 milestone changes.

  1. Chat View is now using the official internal Markdown Renderer for Obsidian - instead of a 3rd Party Library.
  2. Due to it now using the official Markdown Renderer, this release also brings with it the Bug-Fix to Issue #23. Embedded images will now render properly in "Live Preview Mode".
  3. Internal Obsidian Links now work in Chat View. A huge feature.
  4. Image resizing - an Obsidian feature - also now works in the Chat View.