🔗 Simple Note Review
Simple, customizable plugin for easy note review, resurfacing & repetition.
by dartungar
Latest Version
a month ago

🐞Fixed critical bug that caused plugin freeze if there was empty noteset 😰

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Actions URI
2 years ago by Carlo Zottmann
Adds additional `x-callback-url` endpoints to the app for common actions — it's a clean, super-charged addition to Obsidian URI.
Advanced Canvas
3 months ago by Developer-Mike
Supercharge your canvas experience. Create presentations, flowcharts and more.
Auto Glossary
a year ago by Ennio Italiano
Automatically create a glossary of files, an index of files or both in Obsidian.
2 years ago by louis030195
AI-enhanced reflection in Obsidian
Blockquote Levels
2 years ago by Carlo Zottmann
Adds commands for increasing/decreasing the blockquote level of the current line or selection(s).
3 months ago by BookFusion
Import your BookFusion highlights & annotations into your vault.
Confluence Integration
a year ago by andymac4182
Publish markdown content from Obsidian to Atlassian Confluence. It supports some Obsidian markdown extensions for richer content.
Custom Font Loader
8 months ago by Amir Pourmand
Customize your Obsidian vault with any font you want (+ Support for Android and iOS)
Gamificate your PKM
5 months ago by Andreas Trebing
Enhance your Personal Knowledge Management with gamification elements. Boost motivation and achieve growth as you engage with your PKM.
3 months ago by Aetherinox
Integrate OpenGist and Github gist snippets in your notes.
Graph Link Types
3 months ago by natefrisch01
Link types for graph view.
9 months ago by frontend-engineering
Export docs as websites and deploy them to AWS S3 or compatible COS. Invio streamlines the process of publishing, enabling users to easily share their work online.
10 months ago by Carlo Zottmann
A simple proxy for `console.*()` calls which copies log messages and uncaught exceptions to a note.
3 months ago by Morino Pan
Work as a personal assistant for translation, writing polish, general Q&A, summarizing, using the power of large language models.
2 years ago by Zhaoshen Zhai
Render MathJax in your links
2 years ago by Otavio Cordeiro
Publish notes to Micro.blog.
8 months ago by Carlo Zottmann
Ensures each note occupies only one tab. If a note is already open, its existing tab will be focussed instead of opening the same file in the current tab.
Copy Search URL
2 years ago by Carlo Zottmann
Adds a button to the search view for copying the Obsidian search URL.
a year ago by The IVRE contributors
IVRE integration for Obsidian: grab data from IVRE and bring it into Obsidian notes.
Text Generator
2 years ago by Noureddine Haouari
Text generator is a handy plugin that helps you generate text content using GPT-3 (OpenAI).
a year ago by Yaotian Liu
This is an obsidian plugin that helps to render a LaTeX-style pseudocode inside a code block.
a year ago by tadashi-aikawa
Teleport to links (URL or internal link) and jump to their destinations.
4 months ago by Rafael Veiga
Adds widgets to your notes like clock, countdown and quotes.
Zhongwen Block
6 months ago by Kodai Matsumoto
Provides code blocks with features for Chinese learners