🔗 Quiz Generator
Generate interactive quizzes from your notes using OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models.
by Edward Cui
Latest Version
4 months ago

New Features

  • Ability to open saved questions in the interactive UI
  • Multi-language support (17 new languages)
  • LaTeX generation and rendering support


  • Added option to randomize question order in settings
  • Increased generation limits per question from 10 to 20
  • User can no longer add duplicate notes and folders
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Obsidian Anki Sync
2 years ago by debanjandhar12
Obsidian plugin to make flashcards and sync them to Anki.
AI Research Assistant
10 months ago by Interweb Alchemy
A Prompt Engineering research utility for generative AI models like OpenAI's ChatGPT that facilitates archiving and searching conversations and live editing a conversation's context/memory.
AI Tagger
4 months ago by Luca Grippa
Simplify tagging. Instantly analyze and tag your document with one click for efficient note organization. OpenAI API key required.
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Supercharge your note-taking through AI-powered insights and suggestions.
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A github copilot-like interface for obsidian that can use ChatGPT under the hood.
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A ChatGPT Copilot in Obsidian.
2 years ago by Alex Colucci
Anki integration.
Gene 🧬
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A plugin for generating text using the OpenAI API.
7 months ago by Aurélien Stébé
Gladdis (Generative Language Artificial Dedicated & Diligent Intelligence System) - it's an AI chatbot.
a year ago by ittuann
Experience OpenAI ChatGPT assistance directly within Obsidian, drafting content without interrupting your creative flow.
a year ago by Debanjum Singh Solanky
Natural, Incremental Search for your Second Brain 🦅
Mochi Cards Pro
7 months ago by Hayden Carpenter
Create flashcards on Mochi.cards using the API provided by Mochi's Pro subscription.
Spaced Repetition
2 years ago by Stephen Mwangi
Fight the forgetting curve by reviewing flashcards & entire notes.
Text Generator
2 years ago by Noureddine Haouari
Text generator is a handy plugin that helps you generate text content using GPT-3 (OpenAI).
2 years ago by Pseudonium
This is an Anki integration plugin! Designed for efficient bulk exporting.
Simple Prompt
6 days ago by David Zachariae
Simple interface to generate or rewrite content using LLMs based on user input.
Smart Connections
a year ago by Brian Petro
Find links to similar notes using artificial intelligence from OpenAI.
Smart Connections Visualizer
4 days ago by Evan Moscoso
View your Smart Connections in a visualized format.
Smart Second Brain
4 months ago by Leo310, nicobrauchtgit
Interact with your privacy focused assistant by leveraging Ollama or OpenAI and making your second brain even smarter.
a year ago by Mani Batra
This is an obsidian plugin that uses OpenAI to generate flashcards from text and add them to Anki.
The Queue
11 days ago by Kolja Sam Pluemer
Randomly exposes you to notes from your vault. Supports habits, to-dos, spaced repetition flashcards, iterative reading and more.
4 months ago by ckt1031
Writing companion for AI content generation.